Una Boccata d’Arte
The third edition

From Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June 2022, Una Boccata d’Arte is back: a contemporary art project, spread throughout Italy, by Fondazione Elpis in collaboration with Galleria Continua and with the participation of Threes Productions, that promotes a coming together of contemporary art with the country’s artistic and scenic heritage.


Selected by the project’s staff according to their historical, artistic and landscape heritage, 20 villages, one per each region on Italy, will host contemporary art interventions as the result of a dialogue between artists and citizens, places, local workers and artisans.

Morgex (AO), Valle d’Aosta • Neive (CN), Piemonte Montemarcello • frazione di Ameglia (SP), Liguria • Cigognola (PV), Lombardia • San Lorenzo Dorsino (TN), Trentino-Alto Adige • Malamocco – frazione di Venezia (VE), Veneto • Pesariis – frazione di Prato • Carnico (UD), Friuli-Venezia Giulia • Montegridolfo (RN), Emilia-Romagna • Sorano (GR), Toscana • Panicale (PG), Umbria • San Costanzo (PU), Marche • Fumone (FR), Lazio • Rocca San Giovanni (CH), Abruzzo • Castropignano (CB), Molise • Albori – frazione di Vietri sul Mare (SA), Campania • Spinazzola (BT), Puglia • Grottole (MT), Basilicata • San Donato di Ninea (CS), Calabria • Castiglione di Sicilia (CT), Sicilia • Aggius (SS), Sardegna


20 artists have been selected by the project’s staff for their talent and research. From emerging artists to well-known names, they have been invited to do a short residency period in one of the villages, getting to know its history and its identity. The novelty of this third edition will also be the presence of a twenty-first artist with a special project that will connect all the villages.

Antonio Della Guardia, Natália Trejbalová, Alice Ronchi, Alina Kleytman, Giulia Mangoni, Lucia Cantò, Riccardo Benassi, Diana Policarpo, Serhiy Horobets, Luis López-Chávez, Eva Marisaldi, Dessislava Madanska, Victor Fotso Nyie, Tommaso Spazzini Villa, Fabrizio Bellomo, Simone Bacco, Hanne Lippard, Anna Zvyagintseva, Isaac Chong Wai, Ludovica Carbotta

The openings of the third edition of Una Boccata d’Arte

Aosta Valley, Morgex (AO)
Antonio Della Guardia – Ai camminatori di storie
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 11am
Place de l’Archet, Morgex

Piedmont, Neive (CN)
Natália Trejbalová – Pic nic sul ciglio della strada
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 6pm
Piazza Negro, Neive

Liguria, Montemarcello, hamlet of Ameglia (SP)
Alice Ronchi – Caro Montemarcello
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 6.30pm
Piazza XIII Dicembre, Montemarcello

Lombardy, Cigognola (PV)
Alina Kleytman – Endless Shine of Human Violence
Opening: Sunday 26 June – 6pm
Belvedere di Cigognola, Cigognola

Trentino-Alto Adige, San Lorenzo Dorsino (TN)
Giulia Mangoni – Il Salmerino Viandante
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 5pm
Piazza delle Sette Ville 4, San Lorenzo Dorsino

Veneto, Malamocco, hamlet of Venezia (VE)
Lucia Cantò – Restrizione emotiva
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 7.30pm
Patronato di Malamocco, Rio Terà 36, Lido

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Pesariis, hamlet of Prato Carnico (UD)
Riccardo Benassi – Così per dire
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 8pm
Bar Ristorante da Sardo, via Pesariis 123, Prato Carnico

Emilia-Romagna, Montegridolfo (RN)
Diana Policarpo – Hyperbolic Dreams
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 4.30pm
Via Roma 2, Montegridolfo

Tuscany, Sorano (GR)
Serhiy Horobets – Il dolce dolore
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 6pm
Piazza Cairoli – Fortezza Orsini, via Giuditta Finetti, Sorano

Umbria, Panicale (PG)
Luis López-Chávez – Nadine in Panicale
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 6pm
L’Arca di Pan, viale Regina Margherita 11, Panicale

Marche, San Costanzo (PU)
Eva Marisaldi – Per vari motivi
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 6pm
Piazza San Pio da Pietrelcina, San Costanzo

Lazio, Fumone (FR)
Dessislava Madanska – INTANGIBLE
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 12pm
Collegiata di Maria SS. Annunziata, Fumone

Abruzzo, Rocca San Giovanni (CH)
Victor Fotso Nyie – Tesori e Meraviglie
Opening: Sunday 26 June – 10am
Piazza degli Eroi, Rocca San Giovanni

Molise, Castropignano (CB)
Tommaso Spazzini Villa – Il pomeriggio della vita
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 6.30pm
Castello d’Evoli, Castropignano

Campania, Albori, hamlet of Vietri sul Mare (SA)
Fabrizio Bellomo – Albori è destinata a scomparire?
Opening: Sunday 26 June – 7pm
Via Capo di muro 31, Albori

Apulia, Spinazzola (BT)
Simone Bacco – Maratona
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 6pm
Via Primo Maggio / Largo Pignatelli, ruins of the Castle, Spinazzola

Basilicata, Grottole (MT)
Hanne Lippard – Ruin
Opening: Sunday 26 June – 6.30pm
Chiesa Diruta – from Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Grottole

Calabria, San Donato di Ninea (CS)
Anna Zvyagintseva – To the rocks that hold roofs and to the plants that grow through stones
Opening: Saturday 25 June – 6pm
Piazzale Motta, San Donato di Ninea

Sicily, Castiglione di Sicilia (CT)
Isaac Chong Wai – Post-Mythical Accidents
Opening: Sunday 26 June – 6pm
Castello di Lauria, Via Edoardo Pantano, Castiglione di Sicilia

Sardinia, Aggius (SS)
Ludovica Carbotta – Paphos
Opening: Sunday 26 June – 6pm
Parco Alvinu, Piazza Alvinu, Aggius

20 artists for 20 villages

Una Boccata d’Arte started in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic: a unanimous and original project that’s akin to a unique cultural itinerary that each year invites the public to discover 20 new Italian villages, rich with centuries old traditions and natural beauty, far from the well-trodden tourist paths and art circuits.

20 interventions

After this time in which the artist can listen to and explore the place and plan their work, each artist will give back a site-specific installation to the community. These are made accordingly with the local area and the experience the artist has had there in mind, demonstrating how the 20 interventions that cover many different art forms come about. From painting to sculpture, photography, video, sound and performance, the work is the result of gaining an understanding of a place and of the precious dialogue with the local residents.

2021 – 2^ edizione

dal 26 Giugno al 26 Settembre 2021

20 bellissimi borghi italiani animati da 20 installazioni temporanee in situ, realizzate per la maggior parte in esterni da artisti italiani emergenti e affermati.

2021 – 2^ edizione
2020 – 1^ edizione

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