Alberto Selvestrel

Turin (1996)

Una Boccata d’Arte 2021, Alberto Selvestrel, L’unica danza, Fornelli (IS), Molise. Courtesy: Fondazione Elpis e Galleria Continua. Ph. Alessandro Pace

The artist will realize a site-specific work in the village of Fornelli, in Molise. Selvestrel’s research is aimed at condensing the maximum of his conceptual expression in the minimum of form. His photographs establish a link between the reality of landscape and the landscape he has imagined. Exploring the concept of landscape in a nostalgic way, Selvestrel’s works find their charm in their clarity of content and an attitude that is uncompromising towards conceptual and minimal art. In 2019, Fujifilm chose him as the only Italian testimonial for the launch of the X-Pro3 camera; in 2020, Automobili Lamborghini chose him for the «With Italy for Italy» project for the post Covid-19 revaluation of Italy. For more info: His Elpis collaborator is Michele Tiberio.

«L’unica danza unites all beings, the dance of the present. Each fragment that makes up this dance suggests relationships with all the other fragments, like a thread woven into a tapestry. In my installation in the village of Fornelli, photographs of distant places find space within the town, creating relationships both with the landscape and the architecture»

The exhibition

L’unica danza

curated by Michele Tiberio

Entering from the main door of Fornelli you get lost into narrow medieval alleyways that lead to beautiful gaps, infinite landscapes of valleys and mountains framed by the walls and the houses.
Alberto Selvestrel came across these images of lights and stones, mountains and deep green color, and decided to embark on a trip to Italy in search of places with a majestic strength to photograph and elaborate in an installation spread throughout the village.
His photographic research is tinged by a philosophical concept: the artist has articulated his project around the idea that the perception we have is always fragmented and illusory, everything is actually one single thing that goes beyond the partial perception we have in our subjectivity.
Inside the Municipal Auditorium, Selvestrel installed hundreds of snapshots taken during his trip to Italy, ending to Fornelli, single fragments that make up a single story. Outdoors, walking along the alleyways of the old village, large-format photographs interact with the surrounding architecture and landscape in a game of contrast and attraction.

The village

Fornelli, Molise

41°36’17.9″N 14°08’20.7″E

Una Boccata d’Arte 2021, Alberto Selvestrel, L’unica danza. Panoramic view of Fornelli (IS), Molise. Courtesy: Fondazione Elpis e Galleria Continua. Ph. Alessandro Pace

Fornelli is a village in Molise with 1,871 residents in the municipality of Isernia, which is 12 km away. As an oil town and one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, the Molise municipality is home to characteristic towers with a «shoe» base connected to each other by a patrol path, today known as Via Belvedere, offering the chance to admire the surrounding landscape. The castle which Andrea Carmignano (XVIII century) transformed into a marquis palace has been enlarged over time to fully include the town’s main gate.

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Acknowledgments: il Sindaco Giovanni Tedeschi, il Consigliere Mauro Petrarca.

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