Mario Campo (Alcamo, 1987) and Lorena Stabile (Alcamo, 1989)

Una Boccata d’Arte 2021, CAMPOSTABILE, Mercatorum, Cornello dei Tasso (BG), Lombardy. Courtesy: Fondazione Elpis and Galleria Continua. Ph.

The artistic duo will realize a site-specific work in the village of Cornello dei Tasso, in Lombardy. CAMPOSTABILE started in 2012. Made up of Mario Campo (Alcamo, 1987) and Lorena Stabile (Alcamo, 1989), they were established through their first exhibition in Palermo, in the A project space. In their installations, they create a personal visual dictionary by abandoning the recognition of the individual elements to leave room for the arbitrariness of the gesture, which juxtaposes and assembles the material. They often hybridize their language with technology, design and cooking. Winners of the Piazza Largo Venezuela Monument Competition in 2019, among their most recent exhibitions are: ‘Unfurniture’, Zimei Foundation, in 2020 and ‘Liber Fare’, Museum of Sign and Writing, in 2018. For more info: Their Elpis collaborator is Matthew Noble.

«Mercatorum is a overalapping of things and experiences that finds itself in an agreement of exchange between nature and human needs. The encounter between landscape and passage requires us to think about our physical, historical and ethical position today and our technological abilities that give us the illusion of dominating what is around us»

The exhibition


curated by Matthew Noble

Cornello is located along the Via Mercatorum, the oldest road that connected Val Brembana with Valtellina in the Middle Ages.
Seat of an important market until the end of the 16th century with the construction of the new road, the Priula, Cornello became an important center of commercial exchanges, a passage of people and goods. It owes its name to the ancient Tasso family who managed the imperial post offices of the Habsburgs and the Papal State.
CAMPOSTABILE wanted to create an installation that would recall the history of the village, right inside the ruins of the ancient residence of the Tasso family, of which only the foundations, some walls and an arch remain. A series of sculptures made by using casts, 3D scanning and local green sandstone dust, alternate with waterproof fabrics in a gradual game of unveiling. Sculptural objects, products that the merchants carry with them, are fossils that restore to us traces of the past. Geography has always imposed limits and opportunities on us, forced passages and borders that in a fraction of limited space, compared to the size of the planet, affect the lives of thousands of people over enormous distances.

Open from Wed to Sun, free access (max 10 people) from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm. In July and August, the installation will also be open on Tue, at the times indicated.

The village

Cornello dei Tasso, Lomabrdia

45°53’33.9″N 9°39’15.6″E

Panoramic view of Cornello dei Tasso (BG). Courtesy: the Municipality of Cornello dei Tasso. Ph. Castigliano Licini.

Cornello dei Tasso is a medieval village in Lombardy. With only 20 residents, it is part of the municipality of Camerata Cornello in Valle Brembana, in the province of Bergamo, which is 32 km away. Perched on a cliff that can only be accessed by pedestrians via the centuries-old Via Mercatorum, it is the native land of the Tasso family, known all over the world for the poetic talents of Torquato Tasso, as well as for the entrepreneurial skills of the various descendants of the family, who established themselves as postal couriers.
The Tasso family managed the imperial post of the Habsburgs, revolutionizing the system of news transmission north of the Alps.

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the Municipality of Camerata Cornello, the Lombardy Region, the Tasso and Postal History Museum, the craftsman Livio Caiulo, the Gandosso Quarry – Pietra di Sarnico Orobica s.r.l., La tana dei Tasso, Vinoir.

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