Giuseppina Giordano

Mazara del Vallo (1987)

Una Boccata d’Arte 2021, Giuseppina Giordano, KONFETTI (rägnò morceaux of spring), Gressoney-Saint-Jean (AO), Aosta Valley. Courtesy: Fondazione Elpis and Galleria Continua. Ph. Claudiu Asmarandei.

The artist will realize a site-specific work in the village of Gressoney- Saint-Jean, in Valle D’Aosta. She uses various media to create immersive installations and multisensory interventions. Poetry, language, translations, history of art, painting, sculpture and daily life are just some of the themes addressed in her work. Among the winners of Cantica21, a publicly commissioned project promoted by MAECI and MIC, she is also the creator of # 10cents – ART AT THE SUPERMARKET, an art and philanthropy project. Recent exhibitions include: BAM – Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo, Palermo and ‘Please, teach me the language of a rose’, solo exhibition at the Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, USA. For more info:
Her Elpis collaborator is Alice Previtali.

«KONFETTI (rägnò morceaux di primavera), in Italian CORIANDOLI (piovono frammenti di primavera) came from the desire to embrace in a single title the linguistic richness of Gressoney-Saint-Jean. The works, created together with the inhabitants, are an expression of a joyful mood and the voice of the different souls of the village».

The exhibition

KONFETTI (rägnò morceaux di primavera)

curated by Alice Previtali

For Una Boccata d’Arte, the interdependent artist Giuseppina Giordano has conceived the work KONFETTI, from the German «confetti»: a project that compiles a layered narrative that leads to a gradual approach to Gressoney-Saint-Jean, made possible through digital images and stories, before arriving at a creative process that does not just express participation but real co-authorship with the people who live in the village every day.

Giordano’s work is made up by four site-specific installations. MORCEAUX DI PRIMAVERA (2021) is a large outdoor sculpture, made with metal plates shaped according to the peaks of the mountains surrounding Lake Gover, decorated with flowers drawn by children called by the local elementary and middle schools.

SEI UNA NUVOLA DI ZUCCHERO (2021), in English YOU ARE A CLOUD OF SUGAR, is a sound installation that combines voice messages in various indigenous languages that the inhabitants of Gressoney recorded at the invitation of the artist and spread through loudspeakers in Obre Platz. These messages are transcribed on edible biscuits, KONFETTI (2021). The biscuits, when ingested, trigger a stimulation of the senses, starting with taste and hearing.

ENSEMBLE (2021) is a painting realized by the artist together with local painters. It is placed in an icebox. The portrayed elements are a fireplace and an animal. Gressoney becomes the stage for the artist’s participatory visions, in which the inhabitants are the main protagonists.

The village

Gressoney-Saint-Jean, Valle d’Aosta

45°46’27.0″N 7°49’39.2″E

Una Boccata d’Arte 2021, Giuseppina Giordano, KONFETTI (rägnò morceaux of spring). Panoramic view of Gressoney-Saint-Jean (AO), Aosta Valley. Courtesy: Fondazione Elpis and Galleria Continua. Ph. Claudiu Asmarandei.

Gressoney-Saint-Jean is a Valle d’Aosta village of 810 residents in the province of Aosta, which is 78km away. Holding the Italian Touring Club’s Orange Flag certification since 2017, the town has hosted numerous illustrious guests worth remembering: Leonardo Da Vinci ventured to the slopes of Monte Rosa and Queen Margherita of Savoy was a guest of Baron Luigi Beck Peccoz. Her husband King Umberto I had the castle built in medieval style. Villa Margherita is the Town Hall headquarters today: at the entrance you can read the verses of the poet Giosuè Carducci, who was a guest here.

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the Municipality of Gressoney-Saint-Jean, the Mayor Mattia Alliod, the Deputy Mayor Guglielmo Ceresa, the Councilor for Tourism and Commerce Vanda Bieler, the Councilor for Agriculture, Environment, Education, Culture and Welfare Manuela Parodi, the collaborator Rebecca, the Valle d’Aosta Region, the Councilor for Sport and Transport Andrea Gallo, Patrick Mittiga and PMPROMOTION, the tourism office, Proloco Gressoney Saint-Jean, the Walser study center, all inhabitants who collaborated, the teachers and nursery and primary schools of Gressoney-Saint-Jean, the painters: Bruno Borello, Marika Curtaz, Desy Napoli, Leda Muraro e Gianfranco Stofler.

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