Una Boccata d’Arte 2020
From 11 September to 10 October


Acquaviva Picena (AP), Marche Avise (AO), Valle d’Aosta Borgo Valbelluna (BL), Veneto Castellaro Lagusello (MN), Lombardia Cervo (IM), Liguria Ferla (SR), Sicilia Grizzana Morandi (BO), Emilia-Romagna Massa Martana (PG), Umbria Mezzano (TN), Trentino-Alto Adige Orta San Giulio (NO), Piemonte Pisticci (MT), Basilicata Presicce-Acquarica (LE), Puglia Ronciglione (VT), Lazio San Pantaleo (OT), Sardegna Santo Stefano di Sessanio (AQ), Abruzzo Sant’Agata de’ Goti (BN), Campania Sepino (CB), Molise Soverato Vecchia (CS), Calabria Sutrio (UD), Friuli Venezia Giulia Volterra (PI), Toscana
Clarissa Baldassarri Paolo Brambilla Bekhbaatar Enkthur Matteo Fato Antonello Ghezzi Claudia Losi Elena Mazzi Sabrina Melis Sabrina Mezzaqui Matteo Nasini Giovanni Ozzola Francesco Pozzato Luca Pozzi Arcangelo Sassolino Marinella Senatore Marta Spagnoli Michele Tiberio Massimo Uberti Alice Visentin De Pascalis & Vogliazzo Ornaghi & Prestinari
Clarissa Baldassarri
Riflesso silenzioso di una sonora immagine
Castellaro Lagusello (MN)
by Francesca Carpani Glisenti

The lake keeps its image hidden, yet becomes a visible presence through its “voice.” At the heart of the work is the discordance between what we hear, but cannot see, leaving much to the imagination and encouraging engaged listening.

Paolo Brambilla
Orta San Giulio (NO)
by Ginevra D’oria

Not far from the garden of Villa Bossi, a mysterious portal – the Oracle – rises from the waters, begging to be contemplated and questioned from the shore. Spectators wait on a pier, where festive, hand-painted flags.

Bekhbaatar Enkthur
Borgo Valbelluna (BL)
by Giovanni Giacomo Paolin

Zuult is a tribute to the figure of the horse. The artist used unfired clay to create several equine sculptures with a grey livery, in an almost life-size scale. The sculptures were destined to disappear and return to be part of the land and its natural cycles.

Matteo Fato
Fiamma d’amore viva (Il cielo e la terra non appartengono alla parola)
Acquaviva Picena (AP)
by Adele Cappelli

In the centuries-old medieval hamlet, the term “fuochi” referred to resident families, so Fato, with Fiamma d’Amore Viva, returns to the theme, marking an intimate space and bring about vibrant moments open to interpretation.

Antonello Ghezzi
I Am With you, I Have Always Been with You, Don’t Be Afraid
Santo Stefano di Sessanio (AQ)
by Laura Di Vetta

The starry sky at night in Santo Stefano di Sessanio takes one’s breath away. The stars widen all our imagined boundaries, until they disappear. The infinite and the Universal take over.

Claudia Losi
Whalebone arch
Presicce-Acquarica (LE)
by Annapaola Presta

Whalebone Arch is the final chapter of a story that I have been weaving for almost twenty years, a ‘threshold’ formed by two ‘whale jaws’ of bleached red earth that will travel to the Finisterrae of Italy, Salento.

Elena Mazzi
Cervo (IM)
by Ilaria Pigliafreddo

The artist’s work takes shape beginning with the naturalistic peculiarities of a group that’s hugely important for both ecology and marine biodiversity: poriferous organisms, more commonly known as sponges.

Sabrina Melis
La sera, dalle 7 alle 9
Sutrio (UD)
Friuli Venezia Giulia
by Eva Comuzzi

The mostly technical drawings are studies for woodworking, a craft for which the village is renowned. Sarbina Melis has reproduced these archival drawings, with their angular shapes, on a larger scale.

Sabrina Mezzaqui
Pisticci (MT)
by Lidia Berlingieri

At a time in history when we are bombarded by messages of alarm and urgency, Sabrina Mezzaqui’s work aims to gently scatter thoughts about slowness, care, and attention to one’s surroundings. Tibetan flags are hung on the tops of mountains or the roofs of temples, carrying prayers and printed images blessing life and the universe.

Matteo Nasini
Sparkling matter
Soverato Vecchia (CS)
by Threes

The installation of the artist Matteo Nasini in the ruins of Soverato Vecchia draws inspiration from the rite of incubation. This ancient spiritual practice involving the oneiric dimension lives again today in a secular and artistic form in the installation and performance Sparkling Matter.

Giovanni Ozzola
La prima radice
San Pantaleo (OT)
by Emiliana Sabiu

The center of the wall is broken down: there is a porthole, a horizon, perhaps of the sea. It might open up to many places around the world, but it really doesn’t matter what and where it is. What matters is the invitation to look beyond.

Francesco Pozzato
Sepino (CB)
by Michele Tiberio

Inspired by the archaeological park of Saepinum, “spolia” investigates the relationship between history and archeology in an attempt to give a voice to the vanquished, not only through the partial story of the winners, but through archeology, which tells us about their culture and their civilization.

Luca Pozzi
Mezzano (TN)
Trentino-Alto Adige
by Valerio Panella

Taking a privileged point of view toward the distant past, and contributing to a renewal of the relationship between myth and legend, between art and science. ARKANIANS explores these fascinations and brings them to an interdisciplinary level, fusing contemporary art with theoretical physics.

Arcangelo Sassolino
Forma invisibile
Massa Martana (PG)
by Cristina Tessicini

Arcangelo Sassolino transforms the pedestrian tunnel at the entrance to Massa Martana into a wind tunnel. Thousands of cubic meters of air flow through the arched vault driven by an industrial turbine, creating the sensation of an increasingly strong yet artificial wind.

Marinella Senatore
Bodies in Alliance – Studio per opere bidimensionali
Volterra (PI)
by Fabrizio Paperini

Bodies in alliance, a phrase borrowed from judith butler, is formed by a series of wooden sculptural elements, inspired by the traditional luminary setup and placed in different points of the square. But the concept of community, of sentimental and social alliance, is a possible guidepost for better understanding and transforming human relationships.

Marta Spagnoli
Felicia Munera
Ronciglione (VT)
by Veronica Siciliani Fendi e Cecilia Pecorelli

Felicia Munera are the beauties with which Ronciglione was endowed by fate, but munus also means commitment, assignment, work. I want to reveal places such as the bell tower, the church and the element of iron as restitutions, gifts for those who come into contact with them and detect them as such, with the same joy as an archeological discovery. The six canvases evoke the travel experience, the strong perception of gaps and absences to which to value is given

Massimo Uberti
Cinque e Dodici foglie
Grizzana Morandi (BO)
by Elisabetta Negroni

Using neon lights that render the work visible from afar, both during the day and at night, the work aims to pay tribute to mystery and its hidden truths: to fascinate without resolving, leaving tension and magic intact.

Alice Visentin
Il comizio, la merenda, il canto
Avise (AO)
Valle d’Aosta
by Matthew Noble

The merenda (snack) is one of the gifts to the village of Avise. It is a shared social moment between the village’s residents and its visitors. Alongside the singing choir, this Sunday snack aims to stimulate local energy and nurture a sense of community belonging.

De Pascalis & Vogliazzo
Glaring sounds
Ferla (SR)
by Threes (con il supporto di Kadmonia, SHAPE, Creative Europe)

Sound is a bridge between what is real and what is not: while being completely ethereal, just like memories, it influences our perception of ourselves and our surroundings.

Ornaghi & Prestinari
Sant’Agata de’ Goti (BN)
by Serena Guarino

A marble sculpture seems abandoned in the cloister of the village’s former historic cinema. the crumbling space evokes the sense of desolation and loneliness that pervades the film "Eclisse" of Michelangelo Antonioni.