Una Boccata d’Arte 2022
From 25 June to 18 September


Aggius (SA), Sardegna Albori - fraz. di Vietri sul Mare (SA), Campania Castiglione di Sicilia (CT), Sicilia Castropignano (CB), Molise Cigognola (PV), Lombardia Fumone (FR), Lazio Grottole (MT), Basilicata Malamocco - fraz. di Venezia (PD), Veneto Montegridolfo (RN), Emilia-Romagna Montemarcello - fraz. di Ameglia (SP), Liguria Morgex (AO), Valle d'Aosta Neive (CN), Piemonte Panicale (PG), Umbria Pesariis (UD), Friuli Venezia Giulia Rocca di San Giovanni (CH), Abruzzo San Costanzo (PU), Marche San Donato di Ninea (CS), Calabria San Lorenzo Dorsino (TN), Trentino-Alto Adige Sorano (GR), Toscana Spinazzola (BT), Puglia
Simone Bacco Fabrizio Bellomo Riccardo Benassi Lucia Cantò Ludovica Carbotta Isaac Chong Wai Antonio Della Guardia Victor Fotso Nyie Serhiy Horobets Alina Kleytman Hanne Lippard Luis López-Chávez Dessislava Madanska Giulia Mangoni Eva Marisaldi Diana Policarpo Alice Ronchi Tommaso Spazzini Villa Natália Trejbalová Anna Zvygintseva
Simone Bacco
Spinazzola (BT)
by Voga Art Project – Bianca Buccioli, Nicola Guastamacchia, Flavia Tritto

A marathon is an event with a disruptive charm, it simultaneously enlivens and paralyses entire cities by involving runners, residents
and visitors in a circular and temporary dimension in which social cohesion and competition coexist

Fabrizio Bellomo
Albori è destinata a scomparire?
Albori - fraz. di Vietri sul Mare (SA)
by Chiara D'Amico

From a question and a dialogue with the locals comes fabrizio bellomo's with the aim of strengthening the identity of the village
and bringing out the story of some traditions

Riccardo Benassi
Così per dire
Pesariis (UD)
Friuli Venezia Giulia
by Marta Oliva per Threes

However, it’s by walking through the streets of this village, towards
the old school that is now abandoned that, from sunset until dawn,
you will see an apparition: a whisper of words that run after each other in echoes. at night, the written word becomes psychosound

Lucia Cantò
Restrizione emotiva
Malamocco - fraz. di Venezia (PD)
by Giovanni Giacomo Paolin

The artist started from the desire not to impose her presence
in the village but looking rather to develop a relationship with
the people who live it every day, through a research on their words

Ludovica Carbotta
Aggius (SA)
by Giangavino Pazzola in collaborazione con Luca Spano

For the village of aggius, the idea is to submit a rising steadily entity: paphos. the project i have been working on since 2020 compares the notion of growth with that of a sculptural process. in this case, paphos becomes a practicable sculpture that appears to have adapted and received its forms from its own geographical environment. placed in public space, it grows progressively, disproportionately and is dressed in elements that distinguish the local culture, values and environment

Isaac Chong Wai
Post-Mythical Accidents
Castiglione di Sicilia (CT)
by Giulia Pollicita

When our supposed world of reality is explained through myths whose character contains something irrational, it is as if an accident is generated. reflecting on the creation of myths and the power of narratives integrated into a religious, cultural or political context, i am interested in underlining the absurdity of an anthropocentric approach, committed to the attempt to control nature and the immanence that instead distinguishes the indomitable essence of nature itself

Antonio Della Guardia
Ai camminatori di storie
Morgex (AO)
Valle d'Aosta
by Matthew Noble

Practically useful as walking sticks for explorers, during the journey the sculptures become objects that inspire the imagination. they give way to poetic performances to be accomplished on the world

Victor Fotso Nyie
Tesori e meraviglie
Rocca di San Giovanni (CH)
by Andrea Croce

Admiring what remains of the medieval walls built by the will of oderisio I, abbot of the monastery of san giovanni in venere, hundreds of golden ceramic heads look out from the cavities of the inner walls giving rise to a choreography of constellations

Serhiy Horobets
Il dolce dolore
Sorano (GR)
by Viola Catoni

The town is immersed in the most authentic and unspoiled maremma, an area from which the artist was inspired, developing a project focused on a visual experiment in human anatomy, sculpture and photography

Alina Kleytman
Endless Shine of Human Violence
Cigognola (PV)
by Ilaria Despina Bozzi

Endless Shine of Human Violence reflects a precious and glittering pain together with the desire to reconstruct oneself without erasing anything, the poetic symbol of suffering as tangible as it is delicate. artifacts are the transmutation of devastation, the ascertainment
of a tragic reality: violence is an attitude that has always characterized the nature of the humanbeing. the work is intended to be a further reminder of this truth, as wel as of the fact that the images
of destruction are so frightening that we would do anything
not to see them, to reassemble them

Hanne Lippard
Grottole (MT)
by Roberta Mansueto per Threes

At the back of the church beneath the hole in the ceiling, hiccup resonates within the shape of a local clay pot, a cryptic but familiar human bodily sound speaking towards the vast vault of the open sky. the piece ruin at the front of the church surrounding the soil circle,
is a secular sermon that speaks the bwilding intobeing, connecting
the open sky to the soil that we stand on

Luis López-Chávez
Nadine in Panicale
Panicale (PG)
by Margherita Belaief

Who is nadine? nadine is nobody. it’s an image forgotten in a garage
in panicale. I found nadine. but i still don't know who she is. she was
the first woman i had met in this place. several days looking at her, imagining who she was, who is she now, where is she. then nadine, being the feminine imaginary figure, has been incarnate. but not exactly like in the poster i found: beautiful and harmless. now she has another face, another body

Dessislava Madanska
Fumone (FR)
by Veronica Siciliani Fendi

The sculptures that the artist created for this project come from her experience in the medieval village, they form an itinerary through this place that seems to have remained frozen in time

Giulia Mangoni
Il Salmerino Viandante
San Lorenzo Dorsino (TN)
Trentino-Alto Adige
by Valerio Panella

Through the positioning of objects that combines individual artistic practise with collective artisanal practise, we hope to conceptually approach the concept that combines the physical, biological and anthropic resources of this place in order to enhance the local area in an ethical and stimulating way, both for the visitor and for the local residents, working with them to create moments of self- representation and social reflection in this context

Eva Marisaldi
Per vari motivi
San Costanzo (PU)
by Riccardo Tonti Bandini per Threes

The works that form the exhibition itinerary are created in collaboration
with enrico serotti, partner of the artist and builder of various automatic
sound instruments

Diana Policarpo
Hyperbolic Dreams
Montegridolfo (RN)
by Elisabetta Negroni

Hyperbolic Dreams by diana policarpo is an invitation to walk, listen
and look curiously, attentively and committedly to the environment
that surrounds. the artist acknowledges the present with deep fascination for its landscape and the power of nature – providing visitors and montegridolfo itself with a different viewpoint
of its narrativity

Alice Ronchi
Caro Montemarcello
Montemarcello - fraz. di Ameglia (SP)
by Andrea Daffra

Caro montemarcello tells of the authentic and genuine love that emerged from the interviews, the sense of community and belonging to one’s own village, a place of possibilities and diversity

Tommaso Spazzini Villa
Il pomeriggio della vita
Castropignano (CB)
by Michele Tiberio

This is a castle that’s been abandoned for two centuries after five centuries of fervent activity. men and women have lived in it - births, loves and deaths have marked its existence. for two centuries, silence and abandonment have reigned. the stones of the castle are like
the bones of a skeleton long abandoned by a living body. for 100 days, the castle will come alive again, like a beating heart whose echo resounds within the castle wall. it will become a pulse that recalls
the lives of those who once lived here. the windows are portals to look through, the tower spaces are places in which to listen, and the rooms are where moments of introspection can be experienced

Natália Trejbalová
Pic nic sul ciglio della strada
Neive (CN)
by Ginevra D’oria / Case Chiuse by Paola Clerico

When i first visited neive, i was thinking precisely of non-human agents and their power, of the subsoil that determines the fate of the surface. mushrooms, whose bodies are mostly hidden underground, are the right example. these beings, still alien and unknown, according to recent theories could be the precursors of plant life on our planet

Anna Zvygintseva
To the rocks that hold roofs and to the plants that grow through stones
San Donato di Ninea (CS)
by Altrove - Vincenzo Costantino, Edoardo Suraci

But we are like stones that hold roofs that the wind constantly wants to blow up and like strong plants that keep on growing although it’s hard. my work for san donato di ninea is a tribute to strength, perseverance, stamina and time; on the other side, to fragility and to the great value of life. i hope the city will keep this spirit and that my flag with stone and plants will accompany it