Laetitia KY
Rocca Sinibalda (RI), Lazio

Laetitia KY (Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 1996) is an artist and activist. After studying business and administration, since 2015 she has dedicated all her time to her activities, and African culture has become the focal point of her quest, rediscovering impressive and inspiring aesthetic imagery, particularly the hairstyles of African women from the pre-colonial period. KY works on the metamorphoses of bodies and definitions of the contemporary human condition. Her paintings and sculptures, created using her hair and utilising photography and video media, celebrate the artist’s roots and are a powerful tool of communication designed to raise public awareness around issues of race, gender equality and social justice. Her social media accounts are her primary means of outreach, and she has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions; the most recent include a double solo exhibition at Made in Cloister, Naples (IT, 2023) and participation in the 59th Venice Biennale, Ivory Coast National Pavilion (IT, 2022).

Rocca Sinibalda (RI)

Rocca Sinibalda is a small medieval village of 780 inhabitants located between the hills of Alta Sabina and the woods of the Turano Valley. It is one of the stops on the Way of St Benedict of Norcia and develops around the immense medieval castle – redesigned in the 16th century by Sienese architect Baldassarre Peruzzi – that dominates the valley below. Between Rocca Sinibalda and its hamlets, in addition to a splendid view, there are some Ancient Roman remains. Other highlights include the old bridge of Beatrice Cenci, the imposing dam built in the 1930s that gave rise to Lake Turano, the Belvedere, the Agapito Miniucchi Civic Museum and the Museo Diffuso delle Arti Contadine (Widespread Museum of Rural Arts) in the hamlet of Posticciola. In the hamlet Vallecupola, on the other hand, is the Angelo di Mario House Museum, which has a library of around 9,000 volumes. It was set up in order to revitalise the small village and its unspoilt natural habitat. Rocca Sinibalda has for years promoted a packed schedule of mainly summer events, such as the Rigodon Theatre's ‘Endecameron Youth Exchange’ project; ‘Transhumanza’, which re-enacts the traditional migration of cattle; the ‘Leaves in the sunshine’ international music festival; the ‘Castle of invented destinies’, which includes various activities; the literature and film festival ‘Libri a tutto schermo’ (Books on screen); and ‘Rocca&Gusto’ dedicated to local products and producers.